Ipumirim Doors and Mouldings


Since 1965, Ipumirim Doors and Mouldings has been working in the lumber business. It has three industrial units and is constantly improving its industry processes, investing in new technologies and in the continuous training of its employees.

At IPUMIRIM, high quality DOORS are produced, including flush, panel, solid, applied, primed doors. One of the best doors in the market.

At the Pre hung Doors factory, are manufactured the solution for construction, which aims practicality on the door installation for its customer.

IPUMIRIM MOULDINGS are produced blanks, panels, frames, Jamb Split, Flat Jamb and Frames for the United States, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

IPUMIRIM DOORS AND MOULDINGS always sought to invest in the quality of life and continuous development of its employees.

The GROUP provides its employees with salaries compatible with the market, possibilities of growth within the company, and a series of benefits, such as:

  • Helped in the construction of own houses for the employees. Today it has two lots in the city with more than 75 houses built and more than 50 lots available. We have 55 own houses that we offer to the employees. In addition to the following benefits:

  • Recreational association for employees

  • Alimentation suport

  • Rent assistance

  • Free transportation

  • Agreement with pharmacies and doctors

  • Hospital care

  • Full family sickness assistance

  • Complete uniform for employees

  • Profit sharing

Helped employed to build their houses

Recreational association for employees


Ipumirim Doors and Mouldings has a serious commitment with the environmental management of its forest resources. Its products are manufactured in a sustainable way, considering also the economic, social and environmental development of the communities around its operations. In order to meet the production of the group, we now have a forest of approximately 6,000 hectares, in various stages of growth.